lehrertreffen 2014 kList of certified MLD teachers

Here you find a complete list (subject to changes and updates) of our MLD teachers. Should you plan to enroll in an MLD course or MLD teacher training program, please consult the list below for contact details. When you click on a teacher's name you will be shown his or her contact details. You may also contact us directly.

In principle, every MLD teacher is qualified to train prospective MLD teachers for levels of qualification that are lower than his or her own. For instance, a Level 2 teacher may train you to become a Level 1 teacher.


Professor Hildegard Wittlinger Austria

Board Members

Andreas Wittlinger Austria
Dieter Wittlinger Austria
Maria Wittlinger Austria
Grace Dedinsky Canada
Tanja Lenk Germany


Robert Harris Canada
Andreas Wittlinger Austria
Dieter Wittlinger Austria
Maria Wittlinger Austria


Linda (Koby) Blanchfield Canada
Tarja Kokkonen Finland
Meadbh Mac Sweeney Ireland
Monica Coggiola Italy
Silva Ursic Slovenia
Kathy Fleming USA

Theory Teacher

Prof. Dr. Erich Brenner Austria
Dr. Christine Heim-Gruteser Austria
Dr. Markus Killinger Austria
Dr. Susanne Schmidt Austria
Dr. Katrin Wittlinger Austria
Dr. Melanie Wohlgenannt Austria
Prof. Neil Piller Australia
Dr. Larysa Bondalevich Canada
Dr. Marie-Eve Letellier Canada
Dr. Anna Towers Canada
Dr. Dragana Bojinovic Croatia / Serbia
Kristiina Kokkonen Finland
Dr. Constantino Eretta Italy
Dr. Lorenzo Ricolfi Italy
Dr. Chiaki Takeya Japan
Dr. Megumi Toki Japan
Dr. Anne Williams UK
Dr. Sara Nelson USA

Level 3 Teacher

Mag. Christina Buder Austria
Albrecht Richter Germany
Katrin Männel Germany
Natascha Röth Germany
Tanja Lenk Germany
Thomas Saupe Germany
Katarina Kasouli Greece
Mario Zayan France
Dee Jones Great Britain
Yehezkel Laniado Arnon Israel
Lucia Longo Italy
Laura Diaz de Alda Gomez de Segura Spain
Yolanda Robledo do Nascimento Spain

Level 2 Teacher

Mag. Margit Eidenberger Austria
Janet Douglass Australia
Michel Eid Canada
Sandra Mac Donald Canada
Julie Stark Canada
Marie-Christine Sansoube France
Laurent Goupille France
Gill Kazue Japan
Matsuo Chiho Japan
Yuki Hosotani Japan
Dr. Seong Jung Kim South Korea
Froukje Potijk The Netherlands

Level 1 Teacher

Kim Bolto Australia and New Zealand
Diane Lacey Australia and New Zealand
Denise Drisdelle Canada
Geneviève Gauthier Canada
Eva Chan China
Sarah Bellhouse Great Britain
Romina Della Torre Italy
Akemi Nishimura Japan
Aki Kato Japan
Na Hozaidah Hosain Singapore
Junghwa Do South Korea
Miseon Kim South Korea
Maria Ascension Cedres Mesa Spain
Karin Milewski-Knöss Switzerland
Autumn Chen Taiwan
Jui Chu Yeh Taiwan
Richelle Bosch The Netherlands

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You want to become an MLD teacher? You meet the requirements? You may contact us at any time to apply for enrolment in our training program directly.


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